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Your brakes are one of the most important components in your car and one of the most essential for your safety. Allowing your brakes to fall into a state of disrepair, and not promptly moving to fix any damage or wear that will inevitably occur, means putting yourself and any passengers at serious risk. We at Woodard Auto & Truck have built a reputation for performing a number of automobile repair and maintenance services for less than our competitors while delivering the highest quality service available. Whenever you take your car in for a tune-up, be sure to have the brakes checked. Brakes cost money to replace but are of such importance that if there is any doubt about their performance you should straight away search for car brakes near me and find a reputable vendor like us, who can offer you a decent price.

How Do I Know I Need New Brakes?

car brakes near meThere are certain things that all car owners should constantly be on the lookout for as they can indicate an existing or impending problem with the cars brakes. As soon as you find yourself experiencing any of these issues, you should start your search for car brakes near me. If you are going to replace your brakes you may as well opt for a full tune-up and, if you choose Woodard Auto & Truck to do this for you, then why not take advantage of our free computer scan offer. In some modern cars that make extensive use of onboard computer systems, problems with braking can be ultimately traced to software or hardware problems with the computer. In this case, you can save yourself however much fixing the brakes costs as generally these computer related issues can be solved quickly and cheaply, sometimes for free!

If you notice any of the following while driving then you must immediately seek out an auto repair shop that can provide car brakes near me:

  • Poor braking performance; this usually manifests itself as the car taking much longer than is usual to slow down following the brakes being applied. This can easily become a very dangerous situation for you as a driver and so it is absolutely vital that if you find you are having difficulty in bringing the car to a stop that you take it for a tune-up at the next opportunity. No matter how much new brakes cost, it is not worth risking your life in order to save money.
  • Noises when braking, which can include squealing and grinding sounds, can be indicative of a problem with the brakes. Usually such sounds indicate the presence of a foreign material of some kind between the brake discs and the wheels, and it is the friction of this foreign substance being pressed against the wheel which causes the noise. Search for new car brakes near me to find a mechanic or vendor who can help to shine light on the issue.
  • Sometimes when you press the brakes down, the car will pull to one side. This is caused by the brake on one side working less efficiently than the brake on the other side, thus one wheel continues to spin faster and causes the car to pivot. This can be particularly dangerous in situations where you have to apply your brakes very quickly and very forcefully and so should be treated as a major safety concern.

What Causes These Problems?

When things start to go wrong with your brakes it can be very scary, especially if you are driving on a highway or similar fast-moving environment. If you find yourself stuck and you don’t think it is safe to continue your journey, then look for a free towing service such as that offered by Woodard Auto & Truck. If your car is still drivable and you are confident that you won’t be putting yourself or anyone else in danger, then you can search for somewhere that can service car brakes near me and take your vehicle to them. There are several potential causes of problems with a car’s braking system.

  • Crystallization is a process which occurs when brakes are old and have been repeatedly exposed to heat stress. If brakes are overused, they will harden and become ineffective at ‘grabbing’ the drum or rotor in order to slow each wheel down. If this occurs, you will need to look for a supplier of car brakes near me.
  • If your engine or transmission in general are poorly maintained, it is possible for oil to leak through owing to the lack of an effective sealant. If this occurs, the extra lubrications will prevent the brakes from doing their job properly.
  • Hot spots are similar to crystallization but they occur only on specific areas of the material rather than affecting the whole brake pad at once. Like with crystallization, the cause is overuse of the brakes and it is an issue that requires one to immediately seek out replacement car brakes near me.
  • Where the brakes are making strange noises after being applied, the most likely culprit is the wearing and deterioration of the brake pads. To some extent brake pads are designed to behave this way so as to offer a warning to the driver that they need to replace the pads promptly. Unfortunately, most people wait until they can hear the grinding of the brakes against the rotor itself, without the brake pads in between. This causes damage to both components as well as generating an excessive amount of heat.

Choosing Good Brakes

When you first go searching for new car brakes near me, you might feel like you’re in over your head if you’ve never had to make a similar purchase before.  Woodard Auto & Truck can assist you in making the right choice to ensure that you spend wisely and that the brakes you ultimately purchase will last a reasonable amount of time. With us, you can take advantage of our offer of a free computer scan when you come to us looking for good quality car brakes near me.

When looking for good quality car brakes near me, there are certain features you should keep an eye out for. Here at Woodard Auto & Truck we can help you choose the most suitable brakes for your car and for your individual circumstances. We understand that when a customer searches for the best car brakes near me they are looking for someone who can offer them advice about which brakes to choose as well as fitting them to the car. Take advantage of our free computer scan and give the rest of your car a tune-up while we talk you through the different options for brakes and brake pads.

When looking for the best quality car brakes near me look no further than Woodard Auto & Truck. We are truly proud of the steps that we take to ensure that every customer leaves happy and every car is serviced to the very best of our abilities. Other auto repair shops only want to make some quick cash out of you, once you’ve left the office they couldn’t care less about you, not until the next time your car needs fixing. We use high quality components and an experienced and dedicated team to ensure that our solutions are unlikely to fail.

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